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Dentistry for Children – Dental Cavities

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Tooth decay breaks down the tooth enamel and can result in cavities. Cavities are holes in the teeth. When not treated, they can make chewing and speaking difficult.

What is a Cavity?

Tooth decay can be caused by bacteria. When sugar and starch linger on the teeth, they combine with bacteria to form acids that attack the tooth enamel, which then causes cavities.

All children are at risk for tooth decay as they all have bacteria in the mouth. However, some factors can make a child more vulnerable to cavities such as poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, and excessive intake of sugary and starchy food.

A cavity usually starts as a light brown color on the tooth. When the cavity becomes deeper, it turns to brown or black. Cavity symptoms may vary from one child to another and sometimes, there are no symptoms showing.

If your child complains of pain in their teeth and increased sensitivity to hot and cold, let your dentist know. Your family dentist in South Calgary will be able to examine your child’s teeth for cavities.

Tooth Decay Treatments for Kids

Tooth decay treatment will depend on the severity of the case as well as your child’s age and overall health. Usually, the decay is removed and the area is filled. Fillings are restorations applied to the teeth to repair the damage. They can be direct or indirect.

Fillings can also be used to fix misshapen and chipped teeth. While it is crucial to preserve baby teeth, there may be instances when they need to be pulled out. This can be due to advanced tooth decay, gum issues, and extreme pain.

When this happens, your dentist will fill the gap to keep the surrounding teeth from moving.

If you’re concerned about your kid’s response during dental procedures, you may discuss the use of sedation with your dentist. Your dentist will determine whether this is necessary and if it is, will also work with you in developing a treatment plan.

Our primary focus is on providing your child with quality dental care and ensuring their comfort. If we need to schedule multiple appointments for your child as it’s difficult for them to sit still for a long period, we’ll do so.

Help Your Children Prevent Cavities

You can help your children remain cavity-free with these tips:

Plaque can build up fast so it’s important to clean the mouth thoroughly, especially before bedtime. While your child receives professional dental cleaning, oral hygiene habits at home are equally important in keeping cavities at bay.

Cavities are preventable. Contact our team at Chinook Village Dental on how you can protect your family’s oral health.

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