Dentistry for Children – Sealants And Fluoride Treatment

Brushing and flossing are essential in fighting cavities. But no matter how diligent you are in cleaning your teeth, some debris may still be left behind.

The teeth can be uneven, crooked, or overcrowded and this makes brushing a lot more challenging. The molars can also be difficult to keep clean due as they’re located far back in the mouth.

Children are also more susceptible to cavities because of their diet. But cavities are preventable and you can help protect your little one’s teeth with the help of dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

What are Dental Sealants?

Cavities in baby teeth can also result in cavities in permanent teeth. Their development is gradual, destroying the enamel little by little.

A dental sealant is a protective layer applied on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth or molars. It is placed on the deep grooves, which makes cleaning easier. It also prevents the enamel from eroding due to bacteria and acids.

Talk to your dentist about dental sealants for your child. A sealant can be given to children ages 5 to 14. They can have the sealants applied again once their second set of molars come out.

Teenagers who are more prone to cavities can also benefit from the use of dental sealants.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

  • Quick and painless procedure

  • Helps avoid the need for costly and invasive dental procedures down the road

  • Can protect the teeth against cavities for many years

The earlier the dental sealants are applied, the better.

Talk to your dentist if you and your children also need this treatment.

Is Fluoride Treatment Safe?

Fluoride varnish is safe and is used by dentists not only in Canada but in other countries as well. Your dentist will determine if your child needs fluoride protection.

The application is quick and does not cause any discomfort or pain. The fluoride can be in the form of varnish, gels, or foam. Too much fluoride can be harmful, that's why only trained professionals should apply them on your child’s teeth.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

  • Helps strengthen the tooth enamel

  • Slows down tooth decay

  • Protects the enamel against acid attacks

Like sealants, fluoride can also be used by both children and adults.

The fluoride content in toothpaste and those used at the dental office is small and will not reach toxic levels.

Dental Sealants and Fluoride Treatments for Kids

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