Dentistry for Children – Space Maintainers

Space maintainers (spacers for teeth) preserve the space for permanent teeth. If space is not saved, surrounding teeth may occupy it. By the time the adult teeth are ready to come in, there may no longer be enough room for them.

Why are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth help your little one speak and chew properly and also lead the adult teeth into their proper position.

Once the adult teeth are ready to erupt, they push the baby teeth. Yet, in some instances, the baby teeth fall out too early. The adult teeth that are supposed to come out on the other side may instead occupy the empty space. This can lead to crooked or crowded teeth.

Here at Chinook Village Dental, we can create a space maintainer for your kid should they lose their baby teeth prematurely. Its purpose is the same as the baby teeth. It helps develop proper bite and avoid the need for teeth alignment procedures in the future.

Types of Space Maintainers

Space maintainers (spacers for teeth) can be simple or come with bands and wires. The common ones we use in our practice are the cemented or removable types.

  • Fixed. Fixed space maintainers can consist of a band and wire loop, or a loop and a stainless steel crown. The loop extends to the adjacent teeth. This type of space maintainer is ideal for young children as they are more durable and don’t go missing.
  • Removable. This space maintainer (spacers for teeth) looks like a retainer. It usually consists of a false tooth. This type is ideal for older children who can wear the appliance on their own and care for it.

Both types are custom-made for your child. We first take impressions of their mouth to ensure that the space maintainers fit them properly. If their x-rays reveal that their adult tooth is ready to come out, then we can start taking out the space maintainer.

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits is all the more important when wearing a space maintainer. We recommend regular routine cleanings so we can also check on the device.

Benefits of Using Space Maintainers

  • Preserves the right position for adult teeth. If surrounding teeth will shift into an empty space, this can cause issues with the development of your child’s teeth. Baby teeth provide pathways for adult teeth so they can erupt properly. Space maintainers can help do this job should the baby teeth fall out prematurely.
  • Avoids the need for braces and orthodontics. Investing in a space maintainer can help you save on dental costs down the road. By promoting proper eruption of the adult teeth, your child can prevent teeth alignment issues. You can help keep their teeth healthy.
  • It does not cause pain. The space maintainer may feel a little uncomfortable in the first few days but once your child gets used to it, they may even forget they have it on their mouth.
  • It can be customized to suit your child’s needs. We can examine which between the fixed or removable space maintainers will work better for your child. We’ll work together to ensure your child maintains good oral health.

Space Maintainers for Kids in South Calgary

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